ACT is a leading production studio, with a reputation for innovation.


The approach ACT is a creative processes through research, strategic planning and design insight. We help our clients with their ideas and concepts, molding them into crediable solutions that best fulfill the clients initial brief.





Tickets buyers can use mobile phones to select seats from seating maps, pay for items, and receive electronic tickets as barcodes or QR codes. Tickets sellers can use hand- held devices for access con- trol. Scan barcodes or con- tactless NFC phones.

Ticket sales linking all sales channels in real-time: box offices, internet, mobile phones, kiosks, telephone centers, reseller outlets. Select seats from maps, and receive tickets in electronic, mobile, or “print at home” form, ready for admission.


Sophisticated ticketing system, designed for large scale multi-lingual ticketing net- works.

Unique distributed architec- ture that allows for unlimited simultaneous events, users, and locations.

Full service solution from sales to admission. Integrated admission control, barcode scanning, wireless access points.

Secure smart cards, member- ship management, encrypted data handling.

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